5 Common Structures Easily Replaced by Shipping Containers

5 Common Structures Easily Replaced by Shipping Containers

There are many situations where a business may need a temporary building or structure to serve a specific purpose. Often, renting or building these facilities winds up costing more time and money than initially expected. Fortunately, many of these common structures are easy to replace with shipping container options. Today, the International Port Management Enterprise is here to go over five of the best ones.

1. Snack Bars

If you’re hosting an event and plan to have a concession stand, you should know that shipping containers make great snack bars. Depending on the types of snacks you have, they’re great for storing chips or coolers full of sodas and water bottles. If you plan on serving food that you need to cook or refrigerate, you can get a refurbished container with any necessary equipment and electrical hookups.

2. Bathrooms

Nobody likes using those gross, smelly, individual porta-potties. Some of the more common replacements for restrooms at public events or building sites are trailer bathrooms. Shipping containers work just as well for bathroom options after some quick modifications. And as a bonus, the thicker walls of the shipping container help soundproof them a bit too.

3. Trailers

One common structure you can easily replace with a shipping container is a trailer. Many remote business events or lengthy training areas require sleeping quarters where everyone involved can lay down their head at the end of the night. Shipping containers can become comfortable and transportable living quarters that are ideal for extended stays in remote areas.

4. Storage

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best ones. When you have a large, sturdy, and empty container, you can use it as an ideal storage area. Shipping containers serve the valuable purpose of keeping cargo safe as you transport it from place to place, so anything you want to store inside one is sure to remain safe. You can install air conditioning units if you plan to store anything that needs to stay at a cooler temperature.

5. Office Space

There may be situations where you need a quiet place to sit down and perform some necessary office work. Shipping containers provide great opportunities to make comfortable office areas with desks, computers, and other essential equipment. Many companies use multiple containers to create separate offices, conference rooms, or anything else their business needs.

For more information on shipping container modifications, IPME is here for you. We’ll help you design, produce, and manufacture shipping container structures for your commercial needs. To learn more about the services we offer, contact us anytime. Our team will be happy to help you.