3 Main Foundation Options for Container Structures

3 Main Foundation Options for Container Structures

No matter what type of shipping container structure you’re setting up, it helps to have a stable foundation. You typically don’t want to place containers directly on the ground because they may shift, erode, and lead to further problems. However, depending on the longevity and purpose of your container, you may want to consider laying down one of these three main foundation options for container structures.

Temporary: Pier Foundation

A pier foundation is an excellent choice for short-term establishments. If you’re only setting up shop for a couple of hours throughout the day or regularly moving your structure around, this may be good for you. Pier foundations are inexpensive and easy to install because they’re a series of concrete blocks. These blocks, generally measuring 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm, support your structure on all four corners. And depending on the size or weight, they may also go down in the center of the structure or the middle of the length or width of the container. Pier foundations require no excavation and are easy to set up and take apart.

Permanent: Slab Foundation

Another one of the main foundation options for container structures is the slab foundation. It’s suitable for those who want to opt for something more long-term. Slab foundations are similar to what you would lay down when setting up a garage or driveway and require a solid, sturdy concrete base. Due to excavation on the ground plus the total cost of materials, slab foundations are generally more expensive. However, they may be worth the investment if you’re looking to have a more permanent container structure.

Semi-Permanent: Pile Foundation

A pile foundation is a good balance between the pier and slab options. Much like pier foundations, pile foundations allow home or business owners to raise their structures off the ground. Instead of using concrete bricks, a pile foundation relies on sturdy steel pipes that builders hammer directly into the ground to create a stable base. A pile foundation is a good option when the soil isn’t suitable for concrete but a structure requires more stable longevity than a pier foundation can provide.

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