Factors To Consider When Designing a Container Event Space

Factors To Consider When Designing a Container Event Space

Business events and conventions are fantastic opportunities to get some attention. There’s usually a lot of foot traffic, and depending on the event, it’s a great chance to meet some potential clients or network with other companies to get your name out there. One option that several businesses are trying out is making pop-up booths out of shipping containers when they head to a big event. This option has a lot of promise, but there are some factors to consider when designing a container event space so that you can get the most out of it.

Visual Flair

No matter what type of business event you’re attending, considering your visual appearance is always a good idea. An aesthetically pleasing design helps capture passing glances and brings people over to check it out. Some of the most vital factors to consider are the colors to use, potential lighting, and a sign to capture people’s attention. Bold and exciting colors are often appealing without being off-putting.


One of the factors to consider when designing a container event space is general accessibility. You won’t always know where an event will place your booth or if you’re going to set up inside or outside. You want to create an experience people can access from any location and won’t suffer any hindrances if you set it up in a back corner or against a wall. When attending indoor events, it’s also a good idea to take size into consideration and ensure that you use a shipping container booth so that you can get into the venue without much hassle.


If you’re going through the trouble of creating a visually engaging booth, it’s a good idea to provide something memorable or interactive when people come to see what you have to offer. The most exciting event structure in the world leaves little impression if all you have to hand out is a pamphlet. Kinetic activities often stick with people, so consider having something more hands-on, like a game or an interactive touchscreen.

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