The Many Different Uses of a 20-Foot Container

The Many Different Uses of a 20-Foot Container

The most common sizes for shipping containers are 10, 20, and 40 feet. Many companies enjoy working with 20-foot containers for refurbishing and creating distinct structures. There are many different uses for a 20-foot container, and International Port Management Enterprise is here to give you some fresh ideas.

Break Room/Waiting Area

Depending on where companies set up, they may not always have a designated break room. Instead, businesses use shipping containers to create small, comfortable rooms for employee breaks or for clients and customers to wait for appointments.

A 20-foot container is the perfect size to include basic comforts like a small table and chairs, a few couches, a television, and a small refrigerator. Because shipping characters transport easily, maintaining a comfortable space is straightforward.

Sleeping Quarters

Some jobs require temporary lodging in remote areas, for example, construction projects, movie filming, and remote research expeditions. When you need to spend an extended time period on the jobsite, it helps to have sleeping quarters for your cast and crew. One of the many different uses of a 20-foot container is that you can fit several bunkbeds and storage trunks to allow people to get a good night’s rest.

Training Simulators

Thanks to the versatility of shipping containers, many designers and manufacturers use them to create realistic environments that people can use for training opportunities. For example, firefighters regularly use realistic recreations of housing areas when running fire drills, and design companies can use them to test designs and layouts for potential workspaces. You can use a 20-foot container to create any form of simulated space or training environment for a wide range of purposes.

To learn more about shipping container modifications, International Port Management Enterprise is here for you. We’ve helped design, manufacture, and establish various commercial and artistic shipping container structures. For more information or to start planning your next big project with our team, contact us anytime, and we’d be happy to get things moving for you.