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5 Ideas for Custom Shipping Container Shops

Today, shipping containers are traveling all over the globe transporting and delivering cargo and freight. In addition to this purpose, though, containers can be used for something else. With a little ingenuity, a custom shipping container can be designed for retail use. Here are a few ideas on how custom shipping containers can be transformed into fun and quirky pop-up shops.


Start with shopping! If you are wondering what can you make with a custom shipping container, here is the answer: you can create the shop of your dreams! Trade show shipping containers are ideal for folks who are into collectibles like sports cards. Also, jewelry, t-shirts, umbrellas, belts, and handbags come to mind…just to name a few boutique items you can find in pop-ups.


Invest in some portable shelves and a large patterned area rug, and you have turned a custom shipping container into a warm and cozy book nook. This is a wonderful business opportunity to market authors and nonfiction items of interest in the area where you are located. Books make great gifts and wonderful souvenirs, as well. And with a space as interesting as a shipping container, you’re sure to have great success.

Pet Grooming

It may be Sunday in the park, but there’s no telling what most dogs will get into while they’re outside. When you set up a custom shipping container as a dog grooming pop-up, you just might be the saving grace a passing dog owner is looking for if their pooch got into a mess. And when you can bring the bath to the dog, you’re sure to do some excellent business.

Coffee Shop

Here we have the ultimate transformation. It’s not just a custom shipping container… now, it has been turned into “The Shipping Container Cafe.” As an owner, you can make your own hours. This could be an after-work watering hole, or it could be a spot where folks stop on their way into the office for their morning shot of java. It’s up to you, but no doubt it will be a hit among the locals.

Shipping Container Studio/Gallery

The average size of most shipping containers ranges between 20 and 40 feet long, 9.5 feet tall and 8 feet wide. This makes a custom shipping container the perfect size for a small art gallery. It’s not too big, and not too small, which makes it just right for browsing and feeling cozy. And when you want to change your display, it will be easy.

One thing to remember if you are interested in investing in a custom shipping container is that with a reliable supplier, anything is possible. Do your research and make sure that you have a good rapport with your vendors. With skylights, air conditioning, windows and doors, and all the other possibilities, you’ll be amazed at the transformation when you see the finished product of your custom shipping container.