Benefits and Factors to Consider When Setting Up Your Pop Up Container Bar

Pop up shops are booming, gaining popularity among small retail business. The new trend in brand marketing has seen the U.S. container shop market valued at $50 billion. The pop up containers offer attractive alternatives to brick and motor shops and pitching tents at events and trade shows.

Shipping container modifications offer endless opportunities where designers transform them into art studios, restaurants, mobile cafes, and pop up container bars. The thoughtfully-designed spaces offer utility allowing your bar business to diversify and target a specific niche.

Benefits of Using Custom Shipping Containers for Your Pop Up Bar

1. Bring Out Your Creative Flair

Dimensions and shape of the containers provide flexibility to play around with the design and layout of your bar. The creative team can craft custom designs for the ideal bar space. You can promote your brand with a custom pop up bar for every event.

2. Durable

Shipping containers are usually made from corten steel, which is commonly referred to as ‘weathering steel.’ The ‘self-healing’ material ensures that your structure can weather any conditions Mother Nature throws at it. The strength and durability of the material allow the container to be reused in multiple events and locations.

3. Cost-Effective

The freight boxes are easy to mold into attractive pop up container bars due to their shape and dimensions. It is relatively easy to source for affordable shipping crates, making your pop up store more efficient and business-friendly.

4. Eco-friendly

There are over 17 million freight containers globally, but only 6 million are currently sailing in cargo ships. Converting the old shipping container may help recycle the structure and protect the environment. Pop up container bars continues to offer value from containers after a long service over the waters.

Factors to Consider When Setting up a Pop up Container Bars

Before you purchase your shipping container, here are four factors to keep in mind when designing your mobile pop up bar.

1. New Vs. Old

New shipping containers usually have a single trip for a one-way delivery. The boxes are still in pristine conditions, with only a few streaks and dents. Older freight containers typically have 10 to 15 years of shipping service before being converted to beautiful pop up shops.

2. Customization

Modification of the interior sections allows you to create a unique and memorable experience for your customers. The custom-design enables you to market your brand by setting up a shop that piques the shopper’s interest. The mobile bar unit will allow you to target a specific niche, attracting a younger demographic.

3. Design and Engineering

The different features installed increase the comfort at the pop up bar. Ensure you incorporate insulation and ventilation to the structure through an effective HVAC system. You may also play around with the lighting to create a relaxed ambiance.

4. Location

The location where you set up the pop up container bar determines how much space you need. Do you need it indoors or externally out on a vacant street? A pristine location will increase the foot traffic to your alcohol joint, increasing your sales. The site may also determine the logistics of availing your modular bar.

In Conclusion

Modified shipping container shops are becoming increasingly common as more retailers tap into the new trend marketing and brand awareness. You can design the freight box to a modern pop up container bar that will diversify your alcohol business.