Custom Shipping Containers: Your Next Business Venture?

Custom Shipping Containers: Your Next Business Venture?

You have a new business idea and you think it could do well. You can go the usual route… register your brand, take out loans for a building, do a ton of renovations, and pray your effort works out so you didn’t dive into the deep end for nothing… but that’s a hassle, don’t you think? What if there was a way to make starting a new business easier and less stressful?

Well, there just might be. Shipping containers—yes, shipping containers—have risen in popularity among new entrepreneurs looking to make their dreams a reality. Should custom shipping containers be your next business venture? We think so, and here’s why.

Limitless Options

From studios to clinics to shipping container cafes, you can turn these sturdy metal structures into just about anything. No matter what kind of business you have in mind, you can customize a container to suit your venture.


Depending on location, you could wind up spending anywhere from a hundred thousand to millions of dollars on a commercial building. Why spend all that money when you can buy a shipping container with the size and amenities you need for less than $100K? Most containers start around $20K, and you can customize them and add extra features to your heart’s content.

Highly Customizable

Speaking of customizable, you have a lot of say in how your shipping container looks and functions. Choose between different sizes, layouts, and looks to create the business of your dreams. You won’t get this kind of customizability with a regular building—not without spending a fortune in cash and time, at least!

Low Maintenance

Another reason custom shipping containers should be your next business venture is that they’re low maintenance. Of course, you need to maintain the electricity and plumbing like you would with any other building, but there’s not much to do with the exterior. Remove debris from the roof and de-rust and repaint the metal every so often and you’re golden.

A Great Way To Expand

Already have a business and want to expand? A pop-up shipping container business is a fantastic way to test the waters in a new location. They’re small, inexpensive, and in the worst-case scenario that you don’t do as well as you hoped in a new place, easy to pick up and move.

Ready to jump-start your venture with a custom shipping container? Give the experts at IPME a call to discuss the details. We make high-quality custom containers and pride ourselves on our turnaround and unmatched prices.