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Embrace Your Dreams by Opening a Shipping Container Café

Have you always wanted to own your own café? The high costs of real estate and location both can end your ambitious dreams, or can they? Sure, there are risks to opening your own business. But those risks can be minimized when you choose the smart path and embrace the beautiful world of custom shipping containers. The store trend using shipping containers began with Starbucks in 2011. They opened a 450 square foot shipping container cafe in Washington.

Open a Shipping Container Cafe

Booth shipping containers have only grown in popularity. They can easily be converted into an eating establishment that affords business owners a ton of benefits. Modified shipping containers are no longer a trend. They have become a savvy business choice that allows you to own a fully functional kitchen with the big steel counter you have always envisioned.

How Can a Fully Functional Café Be Designed?

Shipping container modifications are designed in the same manner any other building or café would be designed and while keeping all of your goals in mind. The thought of using limited space may seem challenging. Good designers are talented when it comes to using every bit of space to your advantage. Many big businesses such as Taco Bell and Starbucks have successfully started using shipping containers to create profitable shipping container cafes.

Use the Services of Expert Shipping Container Suppliers

Top shipping container suppliers also have an in-house production studio capable of providing you with turnkey solutions. You can have the ideal shipping container cafe crafted to fit your business model with additional benefits that only shipping containers can provide.

A Shipping Container Cafe Is Eco-Friendly

One of the best services you can provide your café diners is the fact that your café has been created using sustainable construction. You are showing that your business is 100% eco-friendly. No materials have gone to waste since you had a custom shipping container designed to fully function as an eatery.

Less energy is used in the construction of customized shipping containers versus the amount of energy used to build a restaurant from the ground up. Even when a restaurant is remodeled in a traditional setting, shipping containers are a better option. Using a shipping container helps re-use and recycle materials that have already been created which helps keep your carbon footprint lower.

Go Where the Business Flows

A shipping container café is easy to move from one location to another. This allows you the advantage of being able to change locations for different events, fairs, and seasons. Place your attractive shipping container cafe in the most suitable location and watch your profits grow.

Moving shipping container cafes is possible whether you have yours designed to be mobile or you use the services of your container manufacturer to move your café for you. You may want to just put down roots, in which case you could have a built-in plan put in place for expansion.

Fast Setup Provides a Rapid ROI

A brick-and-mortar eatery takes time to complete. Do you want to wait, when you could start your business quicker and enjoy a rapid ROI? A shipping container café can be created to spec very quickly. All it takes are the modifications you have requested, and your business is good to go.

Cool Modifications Bring in Crowds

Nothing is cooler than eating at a café that’s been crafted out of a shipping container. Especially when the establishment has been modified with cool designs such as surround sound, comfortable, attractive seating, and more. Whatever eye-catching features you can envision, expert shipping container designers can replicate. Think of their incredible design services as the cherry on top.

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