trade show shipping containers

Here’s Why You Should Rent a Trade Show Shipping Container

Recently, you may have noticed that more and more businesses are renting shipping containers for their trade shows. Trade show shipping containers offer several advantages to companies who need storage or exhibit space at events like trade shows. They are great for storing items before the show begins as well as providing an additional location to set up your booth during the event.

In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of using shipping containers in your next trade show and help you determine whether they make sense for your business.

First, let’s start with some of the basics. A shipping container is a steel box that is typically 8-10 feet high and between 8 and 40 feet long. They are made to ship goods all over the world as they are very durable and secure.

Some companies will rent trade show shipping containers or customized shipping containers for their trade show exhibits, while others will purchase them to use year-round while also doubling up as storage or offices. Shipping containers come in different sizes, so it’s important to select one that meets your needs depending on how many people need to be inside at any one time and how much space you have available for it before, during, and after the event.

Trade Show Materials and Storage

Exhibiting at a trade show requires a significant amount of materials that need to be prepared in advance. From printed banners and signs to flooring, chairs, and tables, these items can take up valuable office or warehouse space both before the event and after when you will need to ship everything back.

Using trade show shipping containers allows you to quickly assemble your booth by bolting down the flooring and stacking up the rest of your items inside. Then at the end of the show, you can simply detach all of your trade show materials from the container and send them directly back home or to another location where they are needed soon after. This also saves you time from having to unpack everything when it arrives—you can simply stand the container up and have everything ready to go almost immediately.


While trade show shipping containers can be useful for your show booth, they are also useful for trade show storage before and after the event. Rather than immediately unload all of your materials at a hotel or other temporary location, you can use custom shipping containers to store them safely onsite until you are ready to set up. This is especially helpful as it allows companies with fewer resources a chance to set up booths at high-caliber events without having to worry about storage or shipping.

By utilizing a large container for storage, you can also save money by having everything stored together. Rather than filling up multiple trucks with materials, you can pack everything inside the container and send it back to the company premises.

In addition, renting a container for storage is often substantially cheaper than booking space at a hotel or other temporary location to store your materials.

Minimizing Risks

Containers also have the added benefit of minimizing risk to your expensive trade show displays such as graphics and tents since you can stack them safely inside a container rather than having to transport them in other ways.

While your items will still need to be packed and loaded carefully, putting it all inside a shipping container ensures that everything is safe in transit and can’t break or go missing from one point to the next.

Again, renting containers rather than sending everything back home in multiple trucks removes some of the logistical stress from trade show planning while still saving you time and money overall.

Overall, renting a trade show shipping container is a great way to organize trade shows and give your company an added boost while helping you save money at the same time! To learn more about using shipping containers during events and for storage purposes, please contact us today.