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Here’s Why Experiential Marketing is Such an Effective Brand-Building Strategy

As we’ve discussed, the underlying goal of all experiential marketing campaigns is to evoke memory-forming emotions from the consumer, causing for increased brand immersion and recognizance. And though experiential marketing does have proven sales benefits, it’s only logical to ask, why is experiential marketing so effective? It’s not just a coincidence — it’s human nature, instincts, and psychology. Here are just a few fascinating reasons why experiential marketing plays such a vital role in your brand building strategies and initiatives.

Emotional Connection
First, experiential marketing events do more than just provide a short-term memory for the consumer. They engage the consumer in a whirlwind of emotions that eventually connect and form memories with the consumer’s surroundings in regard to the overall brand experience. To put it simply, when a consumer identifies positively with a brand/experience, it reflects on them as a person.

“Whether you realize it or not, your things embody your sense of self and identity. If there’s enough of an emotional connection, these items can even become a receptacle for our memories, relationships, and experiences,” writes Elaine Petitgout on LinkedIn.

Resource Efficiency
You may think that experiential marketing is a costly investment, but campaigns come in many shapes and sizes. Trade show shipping containers, for example, are incredibly common. In fact, if every shipping container in the world were lined up end to end, they would circle the earth twice. It’s more about how the container is set up, but the versatility of modified shipping containers is truly endless. From shipping crate restaurants to shipping container studios, bars, and more, custom shipping containers are used for experiential marketing purposes around the country every single day.

The shipping container store trend is thought to have been pioneered by Starbucks in 2011 when they opened a 450 square foot shipping container store in Washington. Since then, shipping containers and experiential marketing have gone hand in hand. For more information about how to get your own trade show shipping containers, contact IPME.