How to Capitalize on the Space of Your Pop Up Container Shop

Shipping containers are plentiful. If every container in the world was lined up end to end, the train of containers would circle the world twice. They are readily available and changing how we build businesses. In fact, pop up containers are popping up everywhere, and businesses are getting more and more creative in how they utilize them.

In Brooklyn, they are being used to display art and make it more accessible. In restaurants across the country, they are being used to add more dining space. The list goes on and on. You can capitalize on the space of your pop up container shop by taking a cue from other businesses and following the tips outlined below.

Use Vertical Space

Extending the amount of space you have in your pop up container shop can be easily accomplished by hanging inventory on the walls. Adhesive hooks can easily be placed up and down the walls to hang inventory. Moving things off the floor and putting them up on the walls not only saves floor space but keeps inventory at eye level.

Use Battery Powered Ceiling Lights

Positioning lighting in the corners of the shop affixed to the ceiling will create the illusion of more space while keeping lighting off the floor. There are some great lighting options on the market that run on battery power. Keep in mind that pop up containers that are well-lit look and feel larger!

Pair Down Inventory & Hang Items from Above

Do not overcrowd the space with excess inventory. Choose the inventory that you know appeals to your target audience. Additionally, instead of using floor space, consider hanging goods from the ceiling in nets. Pop up containers that use nets to display goods and for storage make the most use of the space they have.

Utilize Organizational Tools

Staying organized in your pop up container shop is essential. Use organizational tools to ensure everything has a home in the shop. Keeping things organized will help the space be clutter-free and help you capitalize on the space you have.

As you design your pop up container shop, look for inspiration online and observe how other businesses are capitalizing on their pop up shop’s space. There are plenty of ways to capitalize on your pop up shop space. Get creative today!