What You Need to Know About the Amazing Downtown Container Park

The Downtown Container Park is an open-air entertainment and shoppers area that features 38 boutiques, restaurants, and bars in booth shipping containers. As the name suggests, the container park is located in Las Vegas’ flourishing Downtown neighborhood. Read on to find out more about Las Vegas’ container park, the shops you can find there, and the activities you can enjoy.

About the Downtown Container Park

The Downtown Container Park spans about 19,000 square feet. The shopping and entertainment center was constructed using 43 booth shipping containers and 41 multifunctional modular cubes. Upon arrival, the first thing you will see is a 35-foot-tall praying mantis design. When you enter the park, you will discover several one-of-a-kind clothing stores, restaurants, and bars. Apart from these structures, you will also see a stage for presentations, live music performances, and a treehouse.

History and Background

The Downtown Container Park was developed by Tony Hsieh in 2012 using booth shipping containers. He invested more than $350 million, and most of it was his. This gentleman drew inspiration from projects like Boxpark in London. The main idea behind the container park was to give businesses room to do what they wanted to do. Once a business achieves success, it can then go on to establish premises of its own elsewhere. So, you can consider the park as a place where businesses grow.

Downtown Container Park Activities

Most people who come to Downtown Container Park can’t wait to see the famous praying mantis. There are several displays for this, and you can look for the first show around 4:30 PM and intermittently thereafter. There’s also the love locket, which is mainly a site for those who get engaged while at the container park. The Downtown Container Park is a marvel if you love shopping. There are several funkier, more unusual selections that you can buy. You can find anything in the shops, from locally produced jewelry to clothing.

These are some of the things you need to know about the Downtown Container Park. It’s a fun place that you can’t afford to miss. However, if you decide to visit Downtown Las Vegas and pass by the container park, it’s important to first research the many activities you can do there. For more information on obtaining booth shipping containers of your own, contact IPME today.