How to Optimally Use a Shipping Container Studio’s Space

Living in a shipping container studio can be quite an experience as long as you master how to do it properly. One of the biggest challenges of living in a shipping container studio is figuring out how to utilize the space properly. Here are some ways to optimally use the space in a shipping container studio.

Employ Unique Storage Ideas

Most shipping containers studios are 20-40 feet long, eight feet wide, and 9.5 feet tall. This is not a lot of space. Therefore, when you live in a shipping container studio, you need to find smart ways to utilize your storage. Even the most spacious house will feel crowded if you fail to manage your space properly, so you need to minimize clutter as much as possible. This means you only have to keep the items you really need and avoid impulsive purchases.

Utilize the Space Under the Bed

In most instances, no one gives any second thought to the space under the bed. However, if you are living in a tiny studio apartment, you will notice that a bed takes up quite a bit of space. Fortunately, there is space under the bed that you can use. There are many ways to utilize the space under the bed. For instance, you can buy a bed frame that has drawers underneath the mattress. This can create a lot of storage space for clothes and shoes that you would normally throw in a closet.

Using All of Your Walls for Storage

The walls, while usually ignored, are an untapped storage asset. You can use the area on the walls to place shelves for your smaller items. Ideally, things that you use on a daily basis must be placed at a waist-to-head height. This way, it will be easier to access everything. You can place decorative items and things you don’t use regularly higher up.

This is how you can utilize and manage space in your small container studio. Please note that these ideas are only a starting point and are by no means exhaustive. Make great use of your shipping container studio and its space so you can enjoy your unique living arrangement. To learn more about shipping containers, contact IPME today!