modified shipping containers

Just How Big Is The Shipping Container Industry Anyways?

Frankly, most people never really thought about shipping containers, until modified shipping containers started showing up as buildings. Now shipping containers have become a rather hot topic.

People have started taking an interest in shipping containers and all the benefits they can bring to the table. These metal boxes are a very important part of just about every industry.

It’s a Big Industry

Shipping containers are primarily used to transport goods globally. They are stacked high on top of each other on cargo ships and travel the world over dropping goods off in ports. How big is this industry? BIG.

There are approximately over 17 million containers circling the globe. At any given time, there are 5 million containers actively moving around. Containers make about 200 million journeys each year. 200 MILLION trips. That is a lot of movement.

The global market for shipping containers is about $8.70 billion. It is projected to reach about $12 billion by 2027.

Modified Shipping Containers Are Solving a Problem

There are a lot of containers in circulation that use a lot of steel. Corten steel is used in manufacturing shipping containers. It is a self-healing steel that weathers well. They can bear tremendous weight without a groan. A 40ft container can hold 192 metric tons and withstand 1.8 G force.

Given their strength and durability, they make the perfect building material. Modified shipping containers recycle containers into homes, offices, businesses, and more. Around 4,000 pounds of steel is recycled when a shipping container is modified for building purposes.

Savings, Recycling, and a Great Aesthetic

The shipping container industry is tremendous, which means containers are readily available. Buildings crafted from modified shipping containers can be built in record time. They also come at great savings. The average container costs no more than $4000 (modifications are an additional cost). Four containers stacked together can create a great space for around $50,000.

Shipping containers are an essential part of every supply chain, and now they are becoming an essential part of the building industry. This industry will grow by leaps and bounds, and it can grow guilt-free. Using containers to build is good for the environment, delivers that industrial aesthetic, is cost saving, and is a practical investment.