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How To Take a Shipping Container & Make It A Shop

As shipping and building costs go up, more companies are turning to non-traditional methods to start businesses, specifically pop up businesses. Believe it or not, pop up shops are valued at around $50 billion and getting more attention from small businesses all the time.

One of the non-traditional methods companies are using to start businesses is the use of shipping containers. These pop up containers offer plenty of versatility, enabling anyone to build a business, an office, or even a home.

The Sky Is The Limit

If you’re looking to start a business with these pop up containers, the possibilities truly are endless. You can use shipping containers to create gift shops, clothing retailers, book shops, or even florists.

If you’re starting a new business, there can be a lot of upfront cost, especially if you have to lease a space. By using pop-up containers, you can avoid those costs and focus on marketing and selling your products. If you work with a company that offers shipping containers, you can have your business built off-site and then delivered to you wherever your business is going to go.

Taking this route saves a lot of hassle. Construction is done in no time, and by the time it’s delivered, all that’s usually required are electrical hookups and some last-minute touch-ups with decor or equipment, such as a checkout counter.

Companies that specialize in shipping container conversions can also work with you to have heating or air conditioning installed if you’re planning on having a seasonal business.

Keep Things Realistic

An important thing to note about shipping containers if your dream is to start a pop up business: it’s important to maintain the integrity of your container. Slicing and dicing it for design purposes can compromise it’s strength, so be realistic about your design plans.

By maintaining the structure of the container, you’ll be able to focus more on your business and what you can offer to customers. For example, if you have a pop up restaurant, you’ve got a mobile kitchen right at your fingertips in the container. If you’ve got a pop up bar, the space in the container provides a unique way for folks to mingle.

If your dream is to start a business, using shipping pop up containers can turn your dreams into reality!