What Businesses Are Using Shipping Containers As Spaces?

A shipping container studio is a growing trend. So are shipping container coffee shops. As a matter of fact, shipping containers are quickly becoming the go-to building choice for a wide range of businesses.

You may have noticed that shipping container shops are popping up everywhere. Businesses and individuals alike are creating the space they need out of shipping containers to save money, time, and to be kinder to the environment.

Why All the Buzz About Shipping Containers?

It is estimated that there are about 170 million shipping containers in the world. These durable steel containers were designed to transport goods around the world, and now they have found new life, creating buildings.

The shipping container building trend has been dubbed building design 4.0 by the building industry. They are providing people with a more affordable, environmentally friendly way to build the structures that they need.

The Benefits of a Shipping Container Studio, Retail Space, and More

A shipping container studio, retail space, coffee shop, bar, and home can shave five to 12 weeks off of your build time. They can be erected quickly without sacrificing quality and deliver an industrial modern look that is right on-trend.

Style and speed are not the only two benefits you get from using this building option. Cost savings is also a big feature of a container building. The containers are already built, so the only thing the builder has to do is to modify the container to meet the owner’s needs.

With a shipping container building, you get a cost-effective option that can be built quickly, looks great, and is kind to the environment. It is a win-win situation for business owners.

Which Businesses Are Tapping Into This Resource?

There is a litany of businesses that are already taking advantage of the shipping container movement. Bars, coffee shops, cafes, retail spaces, artists, gallery owners, hair salons, and so many more types of businesses are jumping into the trend!

You can plan on seeing this building trend continue to explode. The prediction is that you will see more and more shipping container buildings popping up all over the place. Savvy business owners are making the choice to spend less and get a building that is highly functional and shows their commitment to the environment. To learn more about how you can get a shipping container studio, contact IPME today!