Portable Shipping Container Hotel

IPME Chooses Snooze Box to Build the Ultimate Portable Hotel

Have you ever heard of a portable hotel before? Neither have I, until I stumbled on a company that’s all the way across the Atlantic. A British company called SnoozeBox, is making this available to everyone. A hotel can be set up and transported anywhere within 48 hours. The hotel is made out of shipping containers. They are literally put on the back of a truck and moved anywhere. I’m sure the idea of sleeping in a shipping container might seem kind of odd, but each room comes with the same amenities that you would find at any hotel, if not better.

Rooms include a bed, flat screen TV, bathroom, safe, and free wifi. At first I was thinking, “Well, yeah this seems like a pretty good idea, but how would these rooms even be run?” It turns out that these hotel rooms come with their own staff and they also provide their own infrastructure. The uses for hotels like this one are endless. This isn’t just a concept either, SnoozeBox has had hotels set up at the 2012 London Olympics. This is a smart idea for anyone who is hosting a large event.

Event hosts pay SnoozeBox to come out and the company can basically set up these hotel rooms anywhere, even on uneven terrain. There are also two options that a host has with SnoozeBox.

Option 1: We give you a fixed price per room for SnoozeBox. The cost includes everything for us to deliver and operate the hotel for you, with no hidden extras. The room rate is fixed by you and you receive all the revenue.

Option 2: You give us space to site SnoozeBox at an event and we will return a guaranteed percentage of the room revenue to you. If we provide food and beverage for guests, there would also be an additional income from those sales.

This is not only exclusive to the UK either. SnoozeBox can be transported by road, air, and sea, giving anyone in the world an opportunity to use their services.