DTLV’s Central Container Park Set to Open at the End of November (2013)

Downtown Las Vegas is set for a new beginning nearing at the end of this November (2013). The $350 million dollar city project, Central Container Park, was supplied shipping/storage containers by IPME, X Cube, and ConGlobal Industries, and was constructed by Breslin Builders.

Container Park is located at the corner of Fremont Street and 7th Street in Downtown Las Vegas. The City Project will revive DTLV, as one local resident and on site worker puts it, “A beautiful resurrection of a city I’ve been a part of since I was a baby.” Container Park is essentially an outdoor shopping mall and entertainment venue. It’s equipped with an Immersion Dome, three story owner-operated retail/office space, food and beverage spots, fashion retail, a trendy barbershop, a concert venue, and a children’s interactive playground area. The park is surely to attract attention from a wide variety of people through its art, fashion and businesses.

The architecture of Container Park can be simply put as, beautiful. It’s amazing to think that the project was built from dozens of these large shipping containers including a couple dozen that have been re-purposed shipping containers. According to Bill Hinchliff, former sales manager of ConGlobal Industries in Los Angeles, he admits that it is one of the most unique projects he has had the opportunity to be a part of. What’s even more amazing is that the three story cubed structure for businesses are all connected by the first ever built “shipping container elevator.” The creative minds at Breslin Builders prove that a beautiful design can be created from what many people wouldn’t see in a stacked pile of containers at a shipping yard.

When you think about it, shipping containers can be pretty much used for a lot of things. Once it opens its doors towards the end of November, Container Park will be known as the “Shipping Container Capital” of the world and Downtown Las Vegas will be full of culture, fashionable trendy businesses, and art.