IPME’s New Office Located at Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas, NV

The International Port Management Enterprise (IPME) is proud to announce its brand new office location located at Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas (707 Fremont Street, Suite 2270, Las Vegas, NV 89101). Currently we’re located near the Port of Long Beach in California, but now we have a second location in Vegas.

IPME is a leading company that sells and rents both new and used storage containers throughout the United States and the world. What’s unique about our service is being able to transform a standard ISO shipping container into something with much more detail. Projects that IPME has done in the past include the construction of a school, homes, military warehouses, and even an entire Downtown Las Vegas city park project.

Arguably one of the most ingenious projects IPME has been a part of is the $350 million dollar Central Container Park project in Downtown Las Vegas which will ultimately be an outdoor shopping mall. IPME has been able to provide DTLV with the opportunity to offer a very different kind of attraction to sin city when it opens for business toward the end of November 2013. We’re spreading the awareness about shipping containers and the different uses that they can provide communities and companies who have a special need.

IPME is able to modify container cubes in any way needed, including the addition of doors, windows, and electrical outlets. Additionally, these shipping containers are offered in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of whatever project they will be used for. It’s not easy to imagine that shipping containers can be used for these types of projects, but because they can be so easily attained and purchased they offer a perfect alternative for constructions.