Pros and Cons of Shipping Container Event Structures

Pros and Cons of Shipping Container Event Structures

Many companies or industries invest in shipping container booths for trade shows or other similar events. While there are many advantages to designing a container for yourself, your brand may want to know the drawbacks before making any big decisions. Here are some of the most common pros and cons of shipping container event structures.

Pro: Long-Lasting

Shipping containers are sturdy and durable, meaning manufacturers create them with longevity in mind. When you make a custom structure for an event, you can take comfort in knowing it will remain in good condition for many years to come.

Con: Maintenance

Depending on the mechanics of your structure, you may need to perform regular maintenance on your container. Many event structures have electrical hookups, which may require batteries and lightbulbs to remain running. Be prepared to spend time and effort to keep your container in working order between events.

Pro: Customizable

When looking at the pros and cons of shipping container event structures, one of the most notable advantages is how you can design them in a wide range of styles, colors, and shapes. A memorable exterior makes a good impression and helps raise brand awareness.

Con: Monetary Investments

Many companies attending events set up a simple booth with a table, chairs, and some signs, and it’s typically more straightforward and not much of an investment to set up. While the advantages of a light setup may mitigate some of the cost, building, designing, and maintaining a container structure is a costly initial expense.

Pro: Portability

You will need extra tools or vehicles to move the structure, but shipping containers are often portable and can move from one event to another. You can move from place to place with a fully functional structure to promote your brand and create a memorable symbol for people to watch for.

Con: Accessibility

While you can transport a shipping container structure, you may find yourself limited by the architecture of the event in question. Outdoor occasions are typically fine, but you may have to leave out your shipping container structure for the time being if it doesn’t fit inside the venue.

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