Are Shipping Container Structures a Sustainable Option?

Are Shipping Container Structures a Sustainable Option?

A large part of the growing trend of shipping container homes and structures comes from their supposed sustainability. There’s a lot to look at when considering whether shipping container structures are a sustainable option. From their general construction to how people use them, it’s a good idea to see if your container structures are as environmentally friendly as you expected.

General Construction

One of the main reasons that shipping container structures have a reputation for being sustainable is that you can recycle and repurpose an existing container into something new. If you’re trying to send an environmentally friendly message with your structure, you want to ensure that you invest in recycled containers. Some people use brand-new containers when making their homes or booths, which offers more of a visual aesthetic than sustainability.

Resources and Energy

One way that shipping container structures are a sustainable option is that they often require less power than many other structures. You can also incorporate sustainable resources into their construction. The flat roofs of many container buildings are great for installing solar panels or rain collection barrels. Using natural elements to power your building keeps things green and flowing smoothly.

Construction and Parts

The main frame of your structure is the shipping container itself, but sustainability can go into the parts and even the labor you use to construct it. You can reduce your structure’s carbon footprint by employing local labor and sourcing nearby parts. Using environmentally friendly insulation options like straw or cork over the more common spray foam allows you to create a more sustainable structure.

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