Why Shipping Containers Are Perfect for Firefighter Training

Why Shipping Containers Are Perfect for Firefighter Training

Firefighters often need to be put into situations or scenarios while training that are as real as possible. However, it’s not cost-effective or feasible to construct buildings for the sole purpose of burning them down during training. It turns out that shipping containers are perfect for firefighter training, so here are some distinct advantages of these structures.


When you need to create fire in your structures for the purposes of training, it’s not economically feasible to rebuild from the ground up every time. Thankfully, shipping containers are very cost-effective. Used containers for repurposing regularly cost under $1,000. Fire stations can create engaging, adaptable, and safe training facilities for a reasonable fee.

Extreme Durability

One of the main reasons why shipping containers are perfect for firefighter training is that they’re specifically designed to withstand harsh conditions. Shipping containers go through transport, storms, wind, and sometimes even fire. Because they’re so sturdy, the rigorous conditions that these structures may undergo during firefighter training make them ideal options.

Increased Safety

One of the largest risks of realistic training sessions with fire is that the flames may spread and get out of control. Most fire stations and training facilities have countermeasures against this possibility, such as advanced sprinkler systems and buckets of sand at the ready. Still, the training simulator helps reduce danger in its own way.

Because shipping containers are typically steel, they are self-contained units, and it’s unlikely that the fire will spread. Shipping container structures are portable, allowing training stations to move them to ideal locations away from anything that could catch fire.

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