Things Every Shipping Container Office Should Have

Things Every Shipping Container Office Should Have

Working from home creates many opportunities for creativity and increasing productivity. Many people use converted shipping containers to create their own offices to keep a healthy work-life balance. One of the main advantages of container offices is that you can customize them to fit your personal work habits. No matter how you customize your new working environment, here are a few things we think every shipping container office should have and how they can improve your workday.

USB Outlets

When setting up the electrical system in your shipping container, we recommend getting outlets pre-equipped with USB ports. Not only does this free up your AC slots for other necessary devices, but it cuts out the need for any adapters. Charging your phone, work tablet, or other devices directly from a USB port allows them to charge faster, reducing time and electrical energy spent.

Window Treatments

It’s generally a good idea to have large windows in your office. Windows allow natural light and make your office feel more comfortable. However, there are times throughout the day when the sun may come in at the wrong angle, and it’s tough to work with a blinding beam in your eyes.

One thing every shipping container office should have is proper window treatments such as blinds or shades to keep the sunlight out of your eyes during those brighter hours. Those looking to stay at their desk may want to invest in motorized treatments that raise or lower with a simple remote. While this might be right for you, we recommend using the time to open or close the blinds as an opportunity to stretch your legs.


Many offices have a break room to store drinks, snacks, and lunchboxes. When working in a shipping container office, keeping a refrigerator plugged in to store such items may be a good idea. Having access to cold food and drink reduces the potential of grabbing unhealthy snack food and helps you stay hydrated throughout the day. One advantage of a smaller shipping container office space is that it’s far less likely someone will steal your lunch.

If you’re looking for more information on custom shipping container offices, the experts and specialists at International Port Management Enterprise offer unique and customized pieces for offices, events, and storefronts. Reach out and contact us today to learn more.