Ways Shipping Containers Are Used on Movie Sets

Ways Shipping Containers Are Used on Movie Sets

Many industries utilize shipping containers in exciting ways. From significant events to pop-up shops, containers are versatile, tough, and suitable for nearly any job. Even big-budget Hollywood projects have found ways to use shipping containers on movie sets—here are a few of the best examples.

Break Room Areas

Filming is a lengthy process, with a single scene sometimes requiring several hours or even days to get everything in order. When film crews are working out in the sun, it helps to have a lounge or break room for the cast and crew to sit down, have a bottle of water, and get under some shade for a while. Converted shipping containers are sturdy, reliable, and transportable, making them good options for setting up an area of respite.

Dressing Rooms

Many big-name Hollywood stars might have their own trailer, but shipping containers are used as temporary dressing rooms for extras or crew members on movie sets. A standard container can be divided into several individual booths, giving everyone a chance to change or freshen up.

Office Areas

Not everybody on set is on the same side of the camera—you need people at desks or phones to handle behind-the-scenes happenings. Converted shipping containers have a strong history of being great for office work and are more than capable of playing the part on a busy set.

On the Big Screen

Unsurprisingly, shipping containers sometimes show up in the movies themselves. Nearly anytime you see characters meeting at the docks, they do so amidst these strong metal boxes. From superhero epics like Batman Begins to beloved Pixar films like Finding Dory, you may find a lot of these productions bring containers to the big screen. Remember when the giant robot used shipping containers as brass knuckles to swing at the kaiju in Pacific Rim? They knew how much of a punch these containers could pack.

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