What You Need To Know About a Shipping Container Pool

What You Need To Know About a Shipping Container Pool

Shipping containers are great for events and businesses, but you can also use them to design your very own swimming pool. The containers are already an ideal size for swimming and a perfect option for customizing to your needs. However, there are a few things you need to know about shipping container pools before adding one to your home.

The Proper Paperwork

Like any significant home renovation project, a shipping container swimming pool requires getting the correct forms in order. Whether you’re opting for an above- or in-ground pool, having everything sorted with the proper authorities in your area is vital before embarking on your project.

Structure Reinforcement

Something you need to know about shipping container pools is that a lot of work goes into securing them and making them safe for swimming. While shipping containers are made of sturdy materials, their primary structure is not intended to hold water. The heavy metal, coupled with the weight of the liquid, will destroy your land if you don’t first build a proper concrete foundation.

When converting the container into a pool, consider using a fiberglass material to safely hold the water and prevent it from putting unnecessary pressure on the walls. A proper inner shell not only protects your container from leaks and pressure damage but gives you an opportunity to control the depth levels in the pool. This is especially important if you’d like to have a shallow end for a younger swimmer.

Reinforcing your container is a vital step. It’s also a good idea to have a separate area near the doors for any necessary pool electrical systems such as pumps and filtration.

Safety Features

Once your pool is waterproof and appropriately sturdy, it’s crucial to consider safety equipment you may not have accounted for during the initial design and building stages. This includes having some sort of protective siding that allows people to grab onto the pool’s edges, as well as ladders for safe entry and exit points.

If your shipping container pool is above ground, a set of fiberglass stairs leading up to the edge of the pool may be a better safety option than a ladder. Once all essential safety features are in place, you can consider other options for customizing your new pool area.

The experts at International Port Management Enterprise have all the information you need on shipping container modifications, whether you’re looking to install a backyard pool or build a home office for yourself. Contact us today for more information to help with your next big container project.