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Ways to Make Your Pop Up Shop a Success

Pop up containers are temporary retail establishments that are designed to reach and engage customers through a creative experience. Using custom shipping containers can help merchants execute a successful pop-up event. The cost of opening a pop-up shop is much less than that of a brick-and-mortar store, and custom shipping containers can be used to test a product idea, create buzz during a holiday, or simply generate more awareness of your brand.

According to PopUp Republic, pop-up shops are now a $10 billion industry and growing. However, customers expect more than the average service or shopping experience from custom shipping containers. If you want to participate in this trend and draw in a crowd for your pop-up, you’ll need a solid strategy.

Here are 5 strategies to attract the largest possible crowd to your custom shipping containers:

  1. Choose the Right Time and Location For Your Pop Up Container Bar

    The primary way to get a crowd for your pop-up shop is to choose the perfect location. Pick a location and time that gets a lot of pedestrian traffic from your target market. Even with the right advertising, it’s hard to expect people to find your shop if it’s too out of the way or ill-timed.

  2. Use Social Media Before, During, and After Your Pop-Up Event

    Use your brand’s social media accounts to spread the word about your event. Start the buzz about your pop-up store one month before it opens and keep the activity going during and even after it ends. This will help build anticipation and ensure that your followers won’t miss your announcement about your new shop.

  3. Using Custom Shipping Containers to Attract Customers to Special Events

    Customers are attracted to exclusivity and special events held during your pop-up create a sense of exclusivity that will encourage customers to come out to custom shipping containers. Focusing on your pop-up store’s purpose can give you ideas for the right special event. Take advantage of any special holidays that coincide with your event. Don’t forget quirky, lesser-known holidays like “national spaghetti day” or “bittersweet chocolate day” that may associate well with your brand.

  4. Use Creative Online Marketing Techniques

    Aside from your social media accounts, you should also utilize other online marketing channels available to you. This should help make sure that the widest audience possible knows about your pop-up shop. Go through your contact list, and announce your pop-up shop via email. Include special discount coupons that customers can present using their mobile devices to entice them to visit your pop-up store.

    Create a modified shipping container for your website to build excitement for your event. You can try your hand at adding a countdown app or calendar on your landing page. You can also install a pop-up banner with catchy tag lines that will stay on your readers’ minds. Write an informative article on your blog that will end with an invitation to your pop-up store. Choose topics that will pique their interest, and add a clear call to action at the end. For example, if you’re in the business of selling footwear, try writing interesting articles that talk about what one’s choice of shoes says about their personality, or perhaps share a video of how certain types of shoes are made. To design custom shipping containers Contact a developer to help you set up an interactive activity that customers can access on their mobile phones. For example, you can design a digital interactive scavenger hunt that customers can play at your custom shipping container to hunt for discounts. An example of a countdown timer for your website to build excitement for a pop-up shop

  5. Don’t Forget About Traditional Offline Marketing

    The old-fashioned way still works, so don’t hesitate to send out printed materials to get people talking about your pop-up store:



The popularity of custom shipping containers is changing the retail industry. Brands have found a way to give customers their demand for a unique shopping experience while establishing brand presence where they want, when they want, and however they want. So the next time you need to increase brand awareness, test out a product, or acquire new customers, try setting up a pop-up store, and follow the ideas above to bring in the crowd.