custom shipping containers

Why We Love Creative Shipping Container Structures

IPME designs, manufactures, customizes, rents, and sells buildings constructed from shipping containers for clients throughout North America and beyond. They also design and build permanent, pop-up containers and training structures.

Projects include attractive custom shipping container bars, shipping container malls, trade show shipping containers, experiential exhibits, shipping container studios, water filtration structures, dredges, leading-edge offices, and movable marketing event structures. Every creation is designed with your branding logos, images, and colorways. These features present your business in an innovative and professional light at trade shows, events, and festivals. With a skilled, visionary design and engineering team, IPME can bring your vision to fruition. IPME’s innovative creations are built in-house, assuring quality production, speedy activation times, and met deadlines.

The market trend towards customized shipping container stores is believed to have originated when Starbucks in 2011 offered up a 450 square foot shipping container store. Their popularity continues to grow, in part, due to the environmental benefits they provide. These benefits include actively recycling materials, use of recycled materials, and the structures’ overall smaller footprint. For example, consider that durable steel shipping containers need little maintenance and typically boast a lifespan of approximately 25 years. About 3,500 kilograms of steel is reused from a single recycled shipping container. They also make use of existing materials. There are currently about 17 million containers in existence and just six million are used. IPME’s work offers innovative ways to make use of these containers.

Custom shipping containers can be tailored to a variety of needs and can be moved easily from one location to another to meet your customers’ needs. Customized shipping container stores, mini cafes and pop-up containers can be relocated as needed to follow your customers’ changing routes and routines. These portable stores, produced from specialized shipping container modifications, also allow companies to establish a physical storefront presence much faster than establishing a permanent storefront. Research tells us that shipping container stores, dubbed “design 4.0,” can trim five to 12 weeks off of a store’s opening schedule. This is a great way to increase your visibility and attract new customers before, during, or instead of building your permanent location.

IPME is happy to discuss ideas for how you can use custom shipping containers to grow your business and provide a convenient quote.