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What Is a Pop Up Shop? How Can it Help My Business?

If you’re trying to spread the word about your business or showcase a new product, one of your first steps might be to open up a pop up shop. These handy little shops are temporary buildings, often made from trade show shipping containers, complete with shipping container modifications to suit your business.

But what can a pop up shop do for my business?

Why choose a pop up shop?

As mentioned above, pop up shops are a type of temporary, short-term retail event. They often rely on trade show shipping containers to create a small, transportable studio. Countless companies use them at trade shows, festivals, or other events, but some businesses make a pop up shop event all their own. Shopify notes that though this type of retail event is temporary, it can leave a lasting impression on old, new, and potential customers alike.

Pop up shops are unique from other advertising methods because it allows the company to utilize physical space in a new way. It often creates an immersive shopping experience that creates a buzz about a brand. People are intrigued by pop up shops, especially, because of their fleeting nature. Instead of relying on urgent coupon deals to get your customer through the door, a pop up shop creates an urgent event that goes straight to the consumer.

What types of pop up shops are there?

There are a few different types of pop up shops that you can utilize to promote your business. Here are some of the most popular pop up shops:

  • Event-based shops
  • Market testing shops
  • Seasonal pop up shops

All of these varieties of shops serve to connect your business with consumers in a new way. Market testing pop up shops might test out the suitability of their brand in a new location. Event-based shops may spring up at a trade show or other community event. Seasonal pop up containers rely on the holiday rush to spur consumer sales.

Why should I use a pop up shop?

A pop up shop is a great marketing strategy, especially when you want to take your business on the road. By reusing modified shipping containers, you’re able to save money and promote environmental health. In fact, the number of shipping containers could circle the entire globe if we lined them up from end to end. This temporary feature will spur user engagement, test market strategies, create urgency, and educate new and old customers alike.

If you’re interested in creating your own pop up shop, rely on the best trade show shipping containers to get the job done right. With IPME, we hope to change the way we use shipping containers. Contact us today for more information.